Trail of Cthulhu Full Rulebook

  • Read “Purist, Pulp, or Both?” (p. 7). We are using Pulp Rules, but you may choose a Purist Occupation if you’d like.
  • I recommend reading the Clues and Contests chapter (p. 51) then going back and reading The Investigator (p. 9). You will have 16 investigative ability points and 75 general ability points. Your sanity cap is 15 – your Cthulhu Mythos rating, the latter of which will start at 0.
  • You can just skim most of The Thirties chapter (p.168), but make sure to read through the Equipment section (p. 182).
  • Check out Tips for Players (p. 190)

Rough Magicks

  • Rules for learning and casting magic

Condensed rules for quick reference

Character Sheet

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